Brake and gear cables + spares

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Brake cable housing

Straddle cable hanger for use with cantilever brakes

Barrel adjuster, commonly used on brake levers. Slotted for easy cable access Sold individually

2P Black outer casing. Stainless Steel inner cable, dual ended barrel and pear type nipples. Supplied with cable ferrules. Fits all major brake systems.

Stainless steel inner cable Anti compression outer cable End ferrules.

6x M5 Torx drive bolts Torx drive tool

Polymer coated stainless steel inner gear cable for the ultimate in smooth shifting performance, designed to complement the top-of-the-range Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 gears system The Polymer coating is

Essential small part Choose either M5 or M6 size Used on many different types-brands of brakes Sold individually

Barrel adjuster, fits many frames.

Allows on-the-fly fine adjustment of the gear cable tension Simply cut your gear cable outer, and fit these between the two ends Ideal for indexed gears, especially when used with Road STI levers Com

M5 dome headed bolt Torx head Commonly used to fix disc rotors to hub Sold individually

Outer gear cable cut to your requirements

Essential spare if you wish to shorten your brake hose Two sizes To suit 2.3mm hose bore To suit 2.1mm hose bore

Stainless steel inner brake cable Select either barrel or pear end

Stainless steel inner gear cable

Commonly used with cantilever & U type brakes

Essential item if you wish to fit full length mudguards to your Trek Domane