Hiplok Spin wearable combination lock

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The award winning wearable chain lock design with the added convenience of an integrated four digit, resettable combination lock. No need to carry a key, just create a four digit code for easy locking every time and a medium security rating.
Using our patented wearable design, SPIN is the perfect combination of security and portability. For safety, our wearable chain locks are never locked when worn, but feature sophisticated locking technology for when you leave your ride.

At under 800g, SPIN offers practical security. SPIN’s durable sleeve hides a 6mm hardened steel chain offering a 75cm locking length while it’s keyless, lightweight and slimline design makes it easy to take with you.
Robust security is a super-lightweight package. Using the same dependable construction as the Hiplok LITE, the SPIN has a 6mm hardened steel chain within it’s durable sleeve in a 75cm length to offer extended locking capabilities for real world use. 

Full instructions-video https://www.hiplok.com/product/hiplok-spin/

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