Muc Off MO94 multi use spray with PTFE

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The Muc-Off MO-94 is a multi-purpose lubricant that quickly and effectively penetrates moisture, lubricates moving parts and leaves a long lasting  protective film! It prevents dirt adhesion and also drives out excess water to keep rust and corrosion at bay.

This protective solution is formulated with PTFE to disperse water and create a protective layer on your bike’s frame and components, it will help to prevent dirt from sticking between washes and is long lasting!

Muc-Off MO94 Multi-Purpose Lubricant Features
Protects metal parts and surfaces from corrosion,Lubricates metal and moving parts to reduce friction and increase performance
Penetrates rust build-up to free seized parts
Displaces moisture to prevent future rust and corrosion
For use on all metal parts, plastics and paint
Prevents dirt adhesion between washes
Excellent for cleaning chrome
A brand new bike specific formula, not a 60 year old ‘Grandpa’ product developed for locks and hinges!

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